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double loop wire valve

Double loop wire solenoid valve _ double wire binding machine, believe people who know all know is 1 coil,double loop electric machinery parts, the same position after the loss of electricity. The coil 2 is electrified, and the mechanical part changes from 1 to 2, and is kept after the power is lost.

This is generally: "Three - position four - way valve" or "Three - position two - way valve". Three, the popular saying is that there are three stalls 1/0/2. When the coil 1 gets electricity, the valve core Hits 1, and the valve core returns to 0 when the coil 1 loses electricity. When the coil is energized, 2 valve 2, when the coil is energized when the spool back to 0 2. This kind of valve is very common.

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