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The requirement of double loop wire

What kind of performance is required for double loop wire ?

Tensile strength. At the specified test temperature, humidity and test speed, the tensile load is applied along the axial direction on the standard specimen until the specimen is pulled off. The ratio of the maximum load P to the specimen before the fracture is proportional to the product of the initial width B and the thickness d of the specimen.

In the same way, there is also compression strength. Usually plastic materials are good at resisting tension, while brittle materials are good at resisting pressure. The tensile modulus (i. e. Young's modulus) is usually calculated by the proportion of stress and strain at the initial stage of tension.

Bending strength. It is also called flexural strength, which is the maximum load in the sample process when the static bending moment is applied to the standard specimen under the specified sample condition until the specimen is broken. Impact strength. It is a strength index to measure the toughness of materials. It represents the ability of materials to resist impact load failure. It is usually defined as the energy required for the unit area to be broken when the specimen is subjected to impact load.

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