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Delivered Double Loop Wire

This week, we delivered a container double loop wire to a steady client. The wire is spool packing.

1/4inch(3:1) white   80000ring/spool

5/16inch (3:1)white  58000ring/spool

7/16inch (3:1) white  28000ring/spool

1/2inch (3:1)white  24000ring/spool

9/16inch(3:1)white  18000ring/spool

5/8inch (2:1) white  10000ring/spool

3/4inch(2:1)white   7000ring/spool

7/8inch (2:1) white  4500ring/spool

 1 1/4inch(2:1)white   2000ring/spool

 1 1/2inch(2:1)white  1700ring/spool      


TEL:0086 27 83607915

E-MAIL: libiao0012@hotmail.com

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