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Delivered Double Loop Wire To India

Today, we delivered 600 cartons double loop wire to India. The color have white, black ,sliver,red,glue. 

The size include:

1/4” (3:1)     80000ring/spool   

5/16inch (3:1) 58000ring/spool   

3/8inch(3:1)  42000ring/spool  

7/16inch (3:1)   28000ring/spool  

1/2inch (3:1)   24000ring/spool   

9/16inch(3:1) 18000ring/spool    

5/8inch (2:1) 10000ring/spool 

3/4inch(2:1)  7000ring/spool   

7/8inch (2:1)  4500ring/spool     

1"(2:1)   3600ring/spool      

1 1/4"(2:1)      2000ring/spool       

Wuhan Maoyang Co.,Ltd

Tel:0086 27 83607915

E-mail: libiao0012@hotmail.com